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T2 マグ Iconic French Earl Grey Mug with Infuser



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Iconic French Earl Grey Mug with Infuser Matched to your favourite T2 teas, these mugs are inspired by the vibes of some of our most popular teas – Melbourne Breakfast, English Breakfast, New York Breakfast and French Earl Grey. Gift them as the perfect memento or keep it for yourself and update your daily teamug. The fine bone china and robust stainless-steel infuser make them a tea drinker’s dream. お気に入りのT2ティーとご一緒に。 T2の大人気商品"Melbourne Breakfast"、"English Breakfast"、"New York Breakfast"、"French Earl Grey"からインスパイアされたマグカップとインフューザーセット。 プレゼントにはもちろん日々のティータイムをより華やかにさせてくれます。 サイズ : 11.6cm x 10cm x 9.4cm